Commissioned Music Project

2017-18 Commission winner

Jennifer Margaret Barker - University of Delaware     Harmonious Dreams





Pi Kappa Lambda will commission a chamber music work written specifically for and dedicated to the Society of Pi Kappa Lambda. The work will be ten to twenty minutes in length, and it must be written for not fewer than three and not more than nine performers.

Eligibility: The composer must hold a teaching position at a post-secondary institution and/or be a Pi Kappa Lambda chapter alumnus. A Pi Kappa Lambda chapter officer should nominate the composer.

Submission of Materials: Nomination materials must include a current curriculum vitae, a cover letter from a nominator, and at least one additional letter of recommendation. Materials should be submitted electronically to Executive Director Mark Lochstampfor in the National Office. Click this link to email the Executive Director. Based upon a review of these materials by the Regents, a limited number of nominees will be invited to submit scores and recordings. Finalists selected from this process will have their works reviewed by the Regents in the Autumn 2017 and a winner will be determined.

Deadlines:  Nominations from chapters must be postmarked or electronically delivered no later than July 1, 2017.  The work will be commissioned by December 20, 2017 and must be completed by August 1, 2018. 

Prize:  $2,000 and a world premiere at the Pi Kappa Lambda Convention to be held Autumn of 2018. Details of the Convention are forthcoming. The composer is required to attend the Convention performance in 2018 as a guest of the Society and to provide one manuscript copy and one electronic copy to Pi Kappa Lambda for its archive.

Disclaimer:  Pi Kappa Lambda does not provide financial support for performers for performance of the commissioned work.

Past Recipients of Pi Kappa Lambda Commissions include Craig Weston of Kanasa State University (Glimmer), Xi Wang of Southern Methodist University (Valley Rhapsodies), Leonard Mark Lewis of Winthrop University (Cannons and Mirrors, Tayloe Harding of the University of South Carolina (Profile Variations), Brooke Joyce of Luther College (Three Iowa Ballads), Mark Philips of the Ohio University (Bushwacked!), Cindy McTee of the University of North Texas (Eight Études), Jennifer Higdon (Autumn Music), Peter Hamlin of St. Olaf College (Zydeco Zephyrs), Cynthia Folio of Temple University (Seven Aphorisms), and Lewis Nielson of the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music (mirror with(out) reflection).